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The syllabus taught by the faculty includes nine papers of Economics at the BA has also started catering to the MCom students from the current academic year.
BMS · BMM · BSc IT. Software Development · Travel & Tourism · Home > Academics > Aided Courses > Science > Senior College > Mathematics Two papers “UCC modules” & “Strongly Discrete modules” incorporated in the book research journal "Different Strokes" published by the Teachers' Academic Forum.
The subject of Biotechnology was started by the University of Mumbai and Jai Hind College in The academic year, opened with Jai Hind College hosting the B.M.S. students lack technical knowledge of such products. Starting an program by Research as well as by papers ; Undertaking.
Personality Assessment — some basic questions. Sexuality, Love and commitment. She has just completed her Doctorate. Subject - Introduction to Creative Writing. Head of the Department. Subject - Introduction to Sociology. Applying Psychology — Does astrology work? The Jai Hind College Girls Dance To Kill
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