Is psychology a good major help for writing

is psychology a good major help for writing

Psychology is a great major and I'll explain the pros and cons of a psychology degree. Cons: Career Advice . Is psychology a good major? where we had to conduct our own research, write a twenty page paper, and present our findings.
When all is said and done, psychology majors know a good thing when they see it. mechanics of collecting, analyzing, and writing up laboratory data. including the psychology of adolescence, help psychology majors.
Boundless opportunites with a psychology major is the consensus. requirements for your state and many additional tools designed to help you find your way. knowledge of human behavior as well as research, statistics, and writing skills. ALL ABOUT:PSYCHOLOGY DEGREE

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I originally had no plans for Law School, but at this point I am too entrenched in Biochem to change that and I really like. I can also agree with this article that the science of psychology is fascinating and that my desire to help people trumps any amount of salary I can earn with this degree. Is there any advices to me for improving my chance? The question is this — knowing how law schools view your major, what can you do to make up for that weakness? I am almost done with my Freshman year and I have managed to keep my perfect GPA in tact.
is psychology a good major help for writing It appears your book will probably answer many of my questions. Strong communication skills are essential for every job, from making the first impression to representing your company well. Considering a psych degree? I am a senior in high school and will be attending college in the fall at Northeastern University or the University of Delaware. Technical writers, editors, business writers, and freelancers may find these organizations useful:. A relatively new specialty, often found within the English department, is a writing or creative writing degree.
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