Linguistics 2 majors in college

Linguistics 2 majors in college

The University's Tier II writing requirement for the Linguistics major is met by The requirements of the College of Arts and Letters for the Bachelor of Arts.
Hunter College Two additional courses in linguistics chosen from the following: All English majors have the option to take one of their elective courses in.
For questions regarding the linguistics major, contact Ten courses (minimum of 37 credit hours) in linguistics and two ancillary skills courses of study beyond the level required by the Arts College of a. Undergraduates may also participate in linguistics research through the Linguistics Research Apprentice Practicum. This program is the first of its kind in the U. For questions regarding the linguistics major, contact Professor S. Literature in Translation minor only. Applications for honors should be made at the end of junior year or by the start of fall term of the senior year. [Introduction to Linguistics] Phonological Features

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Many of our undergraduate majors write honors theses. Web Programming and Applications minor only. UC Santa Cruz Menu. Please use the Linguistics and Rhetoric checklist to help plan and monitor your progress in the major. In addition to an undergraduate major and minor in linguistics, the school offers a unique joint major in Computer Science and Linguistics. Mathematics, Financial Actuarial B. Hebrew and Judaic Studies B.

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The Department of Linguistics at Harvard University prides itself in its wide variety of available courses, its small size, and its special opportunities. Francophone Studies minor only. Majors must take seven linguistics named courses. MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer. Some of the events we have had include: The Cornell UnderLings invites anyone who is interested in languages, language patterns, language usage, language change or just plain nerdiness to join us in Morrill Hall. Please contact your academic advisor with any questions.

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Linguistics 2 majors in college Faculty are active in research, and both graduate students and undergraduate students are able to participate in this research. Because language impacts nearly every other aspect of our lives, a linguistics degree program is by nature highly interdisciplinary. The Department of Linguistics at California State University—Long Beach houses not only strong graduate and undergraduate linguistics degree programs, but also state-of-the-art facilities. Students may study abroad, participate in internships, Linguistics 2 majors in college, and attend events hosted by the department. Two additional courses in linguistics chosen from the following:. Students in this program also enjoy small classes, professors who are responsive to their needs, opportunities to do research alongside their professors, and many interesting off-campus experiences.
Linguistics 2 majors in college She will talk to you about your interests and goals, and you and the advisor together will fill out the "declaration of major" form and the " four year plan " form that you will then take to ARHU. Undergraduates with programming ability are also able to take courses from the graduate program. Changes or Discontinuation of Programs. Economics and Mathematics B. NYU is home to many high-tech research labs that facilitate student and faculty research in areas such as Morphology, Experimental Phonology, and Sociolinguistics.
Linguistics 2 majors in college Menu for this page. Undergraduate students may choose to specialize in Cultural Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, or Teaching English as a Second Language. Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies B. Students with double majors may apply the course to one of those majors, but not both. Linguistics majors are encouraged to meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to discuss their academic interests and career goals.
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